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mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Precise - Cripplestylskins (1998 Houston, TX)

Tracklist :
1.Radio Intro Mix
2.What Tha Funk ¤
3.Catch Fire ¤
5.Girl At The Door (Skip)
6.Rob Of N.A.S.T
7.Just What You Want ¤
8.Barbershop (Skip)
9.Paper Thin ¤
10.It's Real (Skip)
11.Playa's Way
13.Anotha Day ¤
14.555-Crip (Skip)
15.Neva Judge A Book ¤
16.On & On ¤
17.Wickett Crickett (Skip)
19.Tales From A Crip ¤
20.Granny Tha Dedication ¤
17,5/20 - A very very good G-Funk album from Texas but there are so many skip ! A must fo' all G'z!
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E-Dawg - Platinum (1999 Denver, CO)

Tracklist :
1.Journey Feat. Loon-E-Toon ¤
2.No More Tears Feat. Money B ¤
3.Shackles Feat. Sir-Mix-a-Lot & Franccen ¤
4.Coolin' Feat. Loon-E-Toon & Francce ¤
5.Wanna Ride Feat. E Ness
6.Eye For An Eye Feat. Francce ¤
7.Crackin' Feat. Travy Trav, Dick Bone, Smokey The Last Emperor
8.Sexxxin Feat. DUBL ¤
9.Throw 'Em Up Feat. Smokey The Last Emperor ¤
10.Gots To Get Paid feat DUBL, Loon-E-Toon
18/20 - Another Bommmmb Smooth Laid Back G-Funk album straight out Denver, Colorado. Very very rare to find so enjoy!
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vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Vitamin C - A Shot In The Dark (1994 Oakland, CA)

Tracklist :
1.B.F.O. (Brother From Oakland) ¤
2.4 Da Talker ¤
3.Gotta Let It Off
4.Much Love ¤
5.Don't Push Me
6.The Plot (Skit)
7.Can't Let Go ¤
9.All In The Bag ¤
10.Mr. Whoopie ¤
11.Wait Untill Tonight ¤
13.On And On
14.Thanx ¤
Request From binj
- Enjoy!
17,5/20 - Very very Rare and tight G-Funk album. This is the best album of Chris aka Vitamin C (His second album is Chris - Comin' Home release in 1998).
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mardi 27 janvier 2009

Big Dre - Let This Be Tha Reason (1997 Louisville, KY)

Tracklist :
1.What U N 4 ¤
2.Wanna Ride ¤
3.Hit N Run
4.Stick To It ¤
5.The "G" In Me
6.In This Game ¤
7.Bring It 2 A Bitch
8.Put Em In Tha Air ¤
9.Off Dat Indo
10.U Made That Up ¤
11.Shout Out
17/20 - Very nice and rare G-Rap album from Louisville, Kentucky.
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mercredi 10 décembre 2008

M-Sane - RIP Till We Meet (1995 Orangeville, CA)

Tracklist :
1.Intro ¤
2.Just Another Day
3.Rollin' Wit Da Homies ¤
4.Do Or Die
5.R.I.P. Till We Meet ¤
6.Buck Buck Sickness
7.Mind Of A Psycho
8.City Of Gs ¤
9.Fuck A Fools Life ¤
10.Heaven Or Hell
12.Da E-Clips ¤
17,5/20 - Very rare and tight G-Funk album from Orangeville, CA.
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Gangsta 'Of The Comrads' - Wanted (1995 Inglewood, CA)

Tracklist :
1.4 Days And A Wake Up
2.Late To Bed
3.To The Good ¤
4.N' All Kinda Shit
5.Roll Through The City With Your Heat ¤
6.Evil Side
7.It's The Gangsta
8.Front Back Side To Side ¤
9.Take U Round The Hood ¤
10.Wake Up
11.Gotta Get Paid ¤
12.Shake And Roll
13.Lockdown ¤
14.Leave It Alone
15.Get Mine Get Yours
16,5/20 - Very rare dope gangsta rap album from Inglewood, CA. Gangsta is a member of The Comrads, an album for Lowriders players!
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dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Handy Man - The Adventures Of Handy Man (1996 TX)

Tracklist :
1.Intro ¤
2.Tha Secret Is My School
3.Things I Never Had ¤
4.Starving Artist ¤
5.Nobody Loves Me
7.I'm Losin' It ¤
8.Street Dreams ¤
9.Bebe's Confession ¤
10.Ghetto Flu
11.Graveyard Shift
12.Dead Zone
13.Final Call
16,5/20 - Very nice gangsta rap album release in '96. I don't know the town of this guy but he comes from Texas State.
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