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mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Precise - Cripplestylskins (1998 Houston, TX)

Tracklist :
1.Radio Intro Mix
2.What Tha Funk ¤
3.Catch Fire ¤
5.Girl At The Door (Skip)
6.Rob Of N.A.S.T
7.Just What You Want ¤
8.Barbershop (Skip)
9.Paper Thin ¤
10.It's Real (Skip)
11.Playa's Way
13.Anotha Day ¤
14.555-Crip (Skip)
15.Neva Judge A Book ¤
16.On & On ¤
17.Wickett Crickett (Skip)
19.Tales From A Crip ¤
20.Granny Tha Dedication ¤
17,5/20 - A very very good G-Funk album from Texas but there are so many skip ! A must fo' all G'z!
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