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jeudi 13 novembre 2008

Tha SET 'South East Trickeration' - Trickeration Foe Life (1996 San Diego, CA)

Tracklist :
1.New York City
2.Listen To What I Kick ¤
3.Raised By Tha Streets
4.The Struggle Is On ¤
5.My Life
6.Bouncin' ¤
8.Let Loose ¤
9.K-S.I.M.P. ¤
10.Tell Me (What U Wanna Do) ¤
11.Young Thugs ¤
12.South East Struggle ¤
13.12 Gauge Dumpin' ¤
14.Freeze Nigga
15.Trickeration Foe Life
18,5/20 - Ultra rare, it's one of the most wanted album of San Diego, CA. This is a very very tight gangsta rap album - Enjoy!
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